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Dating again. couple questions:-)


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I started dating again. Lots of woman, so many choices...but I am curious about this.


1st woman I dated few weeks ago. I found her on link removed, actually she found me. Then she pursued me couple times and phone calls. I am very busy. Then, we meet up for a coffee and she says that she is glad that she pursued me Then we go out for a dinner and then drinks. Excellent so far. Then we went out for a movie one night, and got close, but not kisses. Three dates went very well. The day after the movie, I ask her when can I see her again? She says she is busy with her kid and work. She tells me a week later possible. Then I respond to her about 12hrs later. Then she says that day is no longer available due to work. She goes to vacation then and she wants to meet afterwards perhaps. She then never responded to my emails or phone calls...she is 35 with a daughter. She is a knock-out likewise what's up with that?


Second question. I have an eye on this girl at work. She is very attractive. much younger! She started at my floor few weeks ago but saw her around before. She and I had eye contact and for sure some interest. So she is not new to company but my area. I am kinda shy. I don't know how to approach her for the moment. I know her boss very well. She sits couple aisles away from me. I see her everyday at cafeteria or at the hallways. Any suggestions?



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