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Why is it that men don't like drama? My boyfriend seems like he doesn't like my drama but whenever his sisters bring it up. He doesn't care. His sister was sitting in our living room and he said I was dramatic right in front of my own ears. I don't care. My mom taught me better than to sit there and argue about things not worth my voice. But, how do I let him know that why does he call me dramatic...and still with me?>>>

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guys don't like drama for one simple reasion. It isn't good for anything but anoying people. It dosn't ever get anything done. It just makes things harder than it needs to be.


now he's still with you becoulse he likes you, but if you have a drama queen telling you you're too dramatic, I sudjest you calm things down before you chase the poor guy off.

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Drama is unnecessary in ANY relationship....as Nifty said, it only causes annoyance, and generally the dramatics serve no purpose since they rather override the point one is trying to make.


In order to make a point, or try to convey true feelings, calmness and rationality are ALWAYS the best way to go, even if the other person doesn't respond in kind. At that point, it's best to just state, "I can see we won't get anything resolved right now, so let's discuss it later." Sounds simple, and takes a LOT of self-control not to have a screaming hissy fit, but it can be done. Trust me, I've had to train myself in this manner! But hystrionics will get you nowhere, believe me!



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