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Treating the girl...


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So I've seen people mention in a few other threads where the couple have a nice meal, watch a movie and then sometimes the girl might give the guy a massage and a BJ and expect no return.


I can't remember if any guys here have said they have done it to their partner but I was thinking about it...


Would it be cool if I did this for my gf, I really love her and sometimes think she deserves the attention that she often gives me.


The problem is, EVERY time we have ever had oral (we don't cum from it) we ALWAYS have sex. So do you think she would be cool with it if I just kinda gave her a great massage followed by some oral? I don't fancy talking to her about it as I want it to be a bit of a surprise when she is tired, it's not like we don't communicate well because we do.

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Yeah I do this with my gfs all the time. As you begin tell them that you appreciate everything you do for them and you want to treat them and when they reach for your pants, gently and romantically tell them that you appreciate it, but tonight it's just about her.


It always pays off in the end.

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In personal opinion, when the girl is trying to rip off the pants, she's not doing it to be a good samaritan.


While I make a rule not to push anything, I've never rejected that, and it's never led to issues.

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I did see your thread but you aren't the only one who has posted something similar to this.


Obviously I love it when we have sex but I'd love the night to just end in me doing everything. I want to do it because I love her obviously but if it makes her love for me stronger then so be it

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If my boyfriend did this to me I would be very happy.

But I would want sex, just cause I can't orgasm from oral and I would want to do something for him to and he can't orgasm from oral either so...

If he refused me the sex saying it was just about pleasuring me I would get a little annoyed.

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