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Ok, Well I am a 20 yrs old guy that everyone considers to be the good guy. I have had a GF and kissed before but I always end up dating a girl then get dumped after week or month for stupid reasons. Yeah they were younger and imature but they have had long relationships before. I always seem to pick up the brother title after its over.

I have never fought with any GF and I treat girls with the most respect. I have not dated since last September because I cant find anyone that will give me a chance. I get interested in a girl and I always end up gettin used or teased and led on. All I want is a chance. A chance to show a girl a nice guy that will be there for support that she can trust and not out for sex.

I am told I am a great guy by my exes and that I am loyal caring and outgoing by other friends but still cant seem to find anyone. It has taken a toll on me emotionally. My father is almost 73 and in good shape but I never know whats gonna happen and I want him to see me get married or know I am happy if somethin were to happen.


I am lookin for a girl that will like me for who I am and I can trust. I have locked eyes many times with girls but dont know where to go fom there. I just want a long lasting healthy relationship but I have dont know where to find someone. I have unforuntatly grown the trait of fear of rejection cause of be dumped so many times at random. So my trust issue is also there. What more do I have to do cause I do try to find someone.


If anyone has any advice or thoughts they would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.....

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You are still young and you have a lot of time. Although you did bring up that your dad is getting older, you shouldn't factor that into rushing into a relationship. Because rushing into one won't work out (I know).


How long have your relationships been lasting? How quickly do you do things (physically?) Perhaps the girls you are dating are emotionally immature and not ready to handle a serious relationship. But believe me, there are tons of girls out there who are looking for a great guy like you! It might hit you when you least expect.

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I have been there. Every nice guy has been there. Logic says a girl should like a guy who treats her well, gives her everything she says she wants, and who appreciates her, right? Unfortunately, people are rarely logical. It is actually human nature to take advantage of people who go out of their way to be nice. My advice is: make some boundaries for yourself. Don't let women think you're a pushover; they won't respect you long enough to stay in a relationship with you. There's nothing wrong with you, what's wrong is how you approach relationships. It sounds like you put your girlfriend on a pedestal, which is bad for two reasons. One, it gives her the impression that she has higher status than you and you'll do everything she wants. Two, if she happens to be nice enough not to be in the first category, it puts pressure on her to live up to your ideals and eventually stresses her to the point that she wants out.

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Thanks....I have only dated 4 girls and not till after i turned 18. two lasted a week and 2 a month...the most physical I been is making out (still a vergin).....most girls i dated have had more expience then I....Yeah I right now am not interested in anyone so it may hit me sometime

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You sound like a great guy but you just lack a bit of confidence and are feeling down on yourself. Don't let the girls that didn't work out for you pull you down. You just have to be patient and trust that the right girl will come along, probably when you least expect it, as hard as it is.


good luck!

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