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Serious Crush....Please I need Advice

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I got this serious crush on a guy friend of mine, but see the problem is im shy and so is he! I couldnt bring myself to tell him that i like him so i told him in a email.... which is a chicken way of doing it lol i know ! how can i be more open with him...or show him that i like him in ways that will be obvious?



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Heya there hotlipz,

So you sent him an email that said you liked him? Did you state it blatantly or do you think that he could've thought you were only kidding? If he hasn't responded to it he either;

A) Isn't interested

B) Thought you were just messing about

c) Is still awestruck and doesn't know how to respond yet


Next time you see him casually probe him with some lighthearted questions. For example say "hey, did you check your emails recently? haven't heard back from you is all" see how he responds. If he says yes he did and then tries to change the subject it would seem like he isn't interested.


Or you can casually start a topic about boyfriends/girlfriends and say "ever thought what it would be like if we went out....?" You should be able to tell from his response. Even if he is shy, if he's interested he'll let it be known to you.


That's just my 2 cents though. Good luck!

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hotlips, I know how you feel, except I'm a guy, and I really, really like this girl (see just about any of my posts) and I'm really pissed at myself, cause like you, I'm really shy, but even worse, I havent even told her how I feel yet, and I've known her for about 2 years . As for you, you shouldnt worry too much about telling him how you feel. Most guys like it when a girl tells them how they feel .

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