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Why do some girls do this?!


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Hey, thanks for the reply to my last thread, it was really helpful.


I'm sure many guys have had the same occurrence happening from time to time. A girl randomly "boasts" that she can get any guy she wants and that she has many guys around her. I'm normally quite cool around girls so I may give off the vibe that I don't care what's happening half the time. Are they trying to hint to me that I should be their doormat when they say these things? I'm sure it's not anything vindictive but just to make sure xD. Cheers, thanks.

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I say this whenever a boyfriend is ignoring me or not treating me right. I'm not saying I can get any guy I want, nobody is that good, but I usually have no trouble getting dates at all. Still, if a girl is saying this, you have probable not been paying her enough attention. Keep it up, and she may go with one of the other guys. Never think she's lying about this, guys are easier to acquire than girls if what I'm reading on this Forum is true. If you are treating her right, ignore it. She wants you to get worried, so don't.

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^^^^^^yep. recently there is this group of girls that my friend knows. i know them now too of course. one of them is so out there thinkin she is the century's stink. she tries to play some kind of head game with me tryin to kiss on me in front of other girls and stuff. pffft, sorry sweetie. u aren't all that great. your attitude stinks.

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Never ignore women who talk like this, mark them down in the book of those not deserving of your time, no matter how young. This is one of the reddest red flags of a manipulator, or one in training.


Unless you have done something egregiously bad, if a woman EVER says things like, "I can have any man I want," tell her as you walk out the door, "that may be true, sweetie, all but one that is."


EDIT: Doesn't matter who she likes or doesn't like, avoid this type at all costs. Being liked by a woman like this is not a good thing.

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My ex always talked like this. "I don't need to be with you, I choose to be with you." Would come home and tell me she got hit on at the mall "I still got it" she would say. "There have been a lot of guys that have wanted to do what you are getting to do right now" in regards to sex.


It seems like she was going out of her way to make it known that guys hit on her and find her attractive and I didn't think anything of it at first, but the frequency of these comments seemed too often that I started to wonder what the deal was. I reversed it around. Did I ever go out of my way to tell her some girl was talking to me at work today and checking me out? Did I ever go out of my way to tell her that girls find me hot/handsome, etc? No...there is no need and it sounds stupid and once you reverse it you realize how silly it is.


The bottom line is that these girls are insecure. Sad part is my ex was a very attractive woman, but her insecurity was truly the source of a lot of our relationship problems and this was just one of many things she did as a result.

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