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unbelievable!..... and people wonder why i'm so screwed up

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hi, i had a get back together date with my ex boyfriend. what happened or what he did is shocking. he came over with a bottle of wine and we sat around and watched a movie. after the movie he suggested that i invite my friend over for drinks. she came over and we had some drinks and my friend and i decided to go out for a pizza.


i went into my bedroom to change clothes and she told me that my boyfriend was trying to get her to lie down next to him. later he asked me to lay down by him and while he was kissing me he reached over to grab her hand.

after that he suggested that we all lay down in bed together. we told him he must be frickin nuts and that, that would never happen.


i just found out about the stuff he did today. i didn't know it at the time. i'm really pissed and i decided to send him a text.



this is what the text said:


hi, i have been practicing with my friend. you can be with her and i will be with another guy.

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I had a girlfriend's bf do this with me. I told her but she still stayed with him for two years. He cheated on her continously (and she is beautiful, inside and out) and almost drove her to a nervous breakdown. We went for New Years Eve one year when he told her he was going to be in San Diego on business that day. Well, she went home about 1 a.m. and found him enjoying himself with another woman in the cab of his truck while it was parked in the driveway! That was the end of that! Get rid of this loser, quickly!

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