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I stand in the rain


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I stand in the rain,

While closing my eyes,

Forgetting the pain,

Discarding disguise,


The dark creeps along,

The wind screams aloud,

Trees swaying real strong,

All the while bowed,


My hands filled with earth,

Unclenching my fists,

Reversing the birth,

My conscience persists,


It asks me again,

And again and again,

If I'm really here,

How why where and when,


My clothes are soaked through,

Voice all cracked and raw,

But one thought of you,

Creaks open a door,


I'm standing outside,

Sky's surrendered rain,

Heart split open wide,

To feel you again,


Raising to my knees,

I stand on my feet,

And look around me,

So, so incomplete,


The graveyard is empty,

A single tombstone,

Amongst all the debris,

I still stand alone,


She lies there, beneath,

The ground, I can't see,

I think you just took,

A big part of me,


I stand in the rain,

Still calling your name,

I can't just let go,

'Cause I was to blame,


Deep down, deep inside,

You know it is true,

I meant when I said,

The words... "I love you"




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