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im 13 and ive been suicidal for 3 years almost 4. i dont know what to do anymore. i tryed to avoid it at first thinking it would just go away but obiusly it wouldnt. Ive tryed talking to people but that didnt help eather. Ive tryed killing myslef but i can never really do it. well yea ive hurt myself before,ive taken nailpolish remover and OD a couple of times but it never hurts me enough to put my in the hosptial or kill me. The people at school are starting to ask questions. My aunt cant handle all my problems anymore. Ive tryed talking to my mom but she really dosent care. I couldnt deal with school anymore so i stopped go so now im on probastion for 3 months...I really just want to kill myself and get it over with.My life is just getting worser every day and i dont kno what to do anymore. Dose anyone have any advise???

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What are your main reasons for feeling this way?

Is it possible it is just puberty? Depression becomes quite a common thing at your age. But you will grow out of it.

Perhaps you should try to work out your problems one at a time. Spending time with friends helps... do things that cheer you up and take your mind off death; hobbies etc. Although I don't know any specifics, I am sure your mum DOES care about you.


If all else fails, thinking positively always helps. Make it a habit to stop thinking negatively about yourself and your life.

By seeking help, you have proven that you feel there is still something worth saving in your life. Build on that, and don't give up!


I hope this helps a little. Hang in there, and good luck

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hey AngelofDeath,

i totally agree with Slagar, you really need to get your mind off your problems, go out and have a good time with friends, and im sure that your mum does care too she might just not show it.


you should get something to live for, think of the people you would hurt if you died.


i know this may sound silly but make it a new years resolution to get out more, to enjoy life and not to think negativly.


hope this helps

~LJ =;

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maybe you should find a creative way to exercise these feelings. Like painting even if yur not good at it. i am yur age too, and i go to a therepist (sugested by my mom) but i find the best way to get these crappy thoughts out of my head for atleast a little bit is writing. i writee alot. who knows maybe u could publish sum poems one day or sumthin.

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hi.....i waz there a year ago and im stell geting out of it.... but there is people out there to help.....i mite seam like there arnt helping put it will give it time.....find some on that you can trust and confie in...... evin some time it help to cry it out.... and im sure you mom cares!!! evein it mite not look that way..... and try but on some music when you feeling down and YELLING along to the song...... feel free to email me of msn msg me

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