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Part 2, I thought I could handle a one night stand but now I think I can't


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I really appreciate all the responses you guys gave me. It really shedded some light and my anxiety has gone down and I have refrained and see what things can or can not develop.


He took at least 142 pictures at the party, he loves to take pictures and sent them to my friend. She usually forwards emails to me and him, although we never sent an email to eachother.


On Monday I got an email from him to me and my friend. The title said, "trying to contact DD, Post delivery failure" He stated that he tried to send some nice pictures of me last week in which he thought they were really nice, but the email came back post failure delivery and wanted to know if he can send them to another address. I recall that we had exchanged numbers, although he wrote my telephone number on a piece of paper that he could misplace, but I doubt it,


He also told my friend that if I talk to her and I'm not able to read this message to let me know.


I replied to him and said thanks for the email, send them to the same address and I'll keep an eye out for them. DD


Hmmm haven't gotten a reply yet.


I'm really not sure which pictures he has because I've seen all of them already and I'm curious as to why he sent that email.


My anxiety is up again. Any thoughts...

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He's testing the waters to see if you'll respond. Since it was a "one night stand" (sort of), he's not sure if you actually like him or not, so he wants to see if you'll make an effort to contact him, or give him the okay to contact you. It's a little bit childish, and a little bit cowardly but to give him the benefit of the doubt, he probably feels a bit awkward as well about that night. But to answer the real question on your mind, yes, I think he's interested in seeing you again. Whether for just sex or for a real date, you'll have to just find out when you go out.

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Thanks, I like that "testing the waters" to see how I would respond. I do agree that it seems to be childish. He is not a shy guy, but I can understand it may have been awkward for him to. It does to me.


As for the other guy that moved months ago, I blocked my address from the MSN. I am over him and have moved on. Not because of the present guy (which he did make me get over him a bit), but it would have never worked out.


In this aspect, I'm ready to move on.


Anymore comments?

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Um Because we are in the same circle of friends. Now the killer part may be that the guy who moved to another state may come this weekend to pick up his son. My friend will possibly have a get together and invite him. Now that is going to be awkward. Seeing both guys together.


If the guy from the other states attempts to talk to me and kiss me, I'm going to turn him down and say that I would rather not. I was really hurt and angry when he told me he would call (At least five times) and lost contact. We will see what happens.

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