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How can I talk to her more?


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If any of you have followed my posts in previous months, you all know my situation and the success thus far.


For those of you who haven't read any of my previous posts hear's the deal quick and simple: I always had problems finding girls and getting them to admit they like me. Anyways, recently (Friday) me and a girl in my class I had come to like over a few weeks had a discussion wherein she tore out of me that I liked her; And finally I had found someone who was mutual with that feeling, although shejust getting over someone and she kind of likes someone else as well. I asked her if she wanted to try something and see how it kicked off anyways and she said sure and didn't see why not.



So here the dilema now:


It was our first day back at school today, and I realized I had problems talking to her, not by shyness, but just in general I couldn't find the chances to talk to her. I have no classes with her except on Friday's which I have one study hall period with her. (But she's always in the math room getting help with her Algebra). Today I looked for her since she usually walks past my first hour class every day and gives me a glance and a smile but today I never saw her but I wasn't paying as much attention as I usually do. Later on in chapel I saw her but her friend and another guy in my class had already surrounded her so I sat with the regular group. I saw her look over before it started and she gave me the same deep smile she always does. After lunch we usually half 15 minutes or so to roam the halls or study or whatever. I saw walking around but all the time with her friend and I didn't want to interrupt their conversation or make her friend feel like she needed to go away. Eventually they came over and sat down at the table with a few of both our friends and she gave me a quick wave hello before she sat down. After school I found her before she left near her locker and asked if she was staying for a while but she had to leave right away to get ready for the big Christmas concert tonight which is probably going on as I'm writing this. So I asked if she was staying tomorrow for a while after and she said she'd see what she was doing and would stay if nothing major was going on.


My main question is this: How can I get to talking to her more? It's not that I'm too shy to talk to her, but I think it's that we don't know eachother that well and we all the sudden started going out after a week or two of talking and getting to know eachother to an extent. I mean we've known eachother for over a year and talked on occasion but never really anything in depth and we never were really good friends because we had no ties between us to force us to talk much. Now it just seems like I'm not used to talking to her that much and I'm walking blindly as to how to talk to her. Not many people know we're going out, even though it isn't a serious relationship yet. Only a select 4 or 5 (more of her friends, maybe one or two of mine know) friends know about it. And I just don't want to all the sudden bring attention to us two with talking to her all the time either. I just want to know how I should proceed on conversing with her more, especially since I don't have any classes with her.


Quick advice is always appreciated



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Well, if you can think of something to bring up that's not too involved or would be interfering with her friends directly, just walk up, wait til she looks at you, something like the concert you mentioned, "hey, didn't want to interrupt you, just wondered how the concert went last night." If you've got something little to say, or just to say hi, you don't have to avoid it cause she's with her friends, not like it has to be a huge production or anything, just keep it light and casual, and maybe mention something to her when you do talk to her alone, like "hey, I hope you know I'm not avoiding you when you and your friends are hanging out, just don't want to interrupt your girl talk," or something. Just so she knows what's up, no sense having any misunderstandings about it at this stage!

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