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Does this seem wierd? (about my gf)

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ok...my gf and i have been dating now since august, and have just started "hooking up" ..... the other day she was telling me that it is more pleasurable for her to be grinding on top of me (no penetration), kind of a dry sex or dry hump.....she says she prefers that over me giving driect stimulation to her with my hands and what not......does this seem weird at all? or are most girls like that?

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Well I suppose you and her have not had sex? Is that right? If not then take her advice and do what she likes, hey she's telling you what she needs and all you have to do is do, it, many men wish they had a women to tell them what to do. This is a good thing



Make sure you make her use some kind of spermicide though if she is doing this on top of you naked, because you never know.....

Take it slow and yes a lot of women like this, and a lot wont, but she is who you are with so go for what she tells you.

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Hmm, doesn't sound weird to me - if you think about it, she gets the mental stimulation out of both being in control of how hard and fast she's rubbing on you, and of you being in sexual/genital contact. Lots of girls like being on top during sex, doesn't seem all that different in that way, and as SweetyPie said - it's a big plus she's not afraid to tell you what she likes!

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For women our penis is a little lump of skin and nerve cells called the clitoris. We can't penetrate anything unfortunately, so we prefer rubbing it on things like our boyfriends.


When you try and rub her she probably has trouble relaxing, because sex can feel like rape to us -- at times! Try and get a good balance of all the activities that satisfy both of you, either at the same time or taking turns.

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Odd all you peopel say that girls like to be on top more. But the 2 girls I have been with prefer me on top. Odd to hear. My current gf prefers hand stimulation (cuz she knows that I will soon give her sex ). I personally love fingering a girl over grinding. And she loves anything heh.


For another

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Anything goes, however, when girls are new to sex, the preference is to be in control, because you really don't know what the boy will do. The boy may press too hard on her out of his inexperience.


When women are more experienced they also may be more willing to put themselves into the "hands" of another person.


Male or female -- aren't we all more sensative down there in our youth, and then later we all are less sensative to whatever form of stimulation is occurring??


I hate to say this too, but it seems that as we age, women's sex drive increases, whereas the male tends to decrease in his sex drive...do others concur with my findings?


This may be why it seems that we are "easier" as we age; by age 35, what do we really have to lose?

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