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Never been down this road before..


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Ok I went on a date tonight. It went well until he told me he has a kid... Im happy he told me on our 1st date but Ive never dated anyone who has a child. It kinda made me feel like If I want things to progress Im going to have to share him with his ex (who has a bf...but theres chance of them gettin back together, right?... they have a kid, wouldnt that make them get back?)


Ive never had such a fun date before, it was great! we laughed and teased eachother, there was no silence moments, it was like we knew eachother for years. I find him to be good looking too.


Grr who has dated someone with a child? did the relationship work? Maybe I'l keep it all casual and not get too into the relationship, maybe I'l just leave it as some fun.

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I went on a couple of dates with a guy with a kid. I think things must have been complicated between him and his ex, because on our third date he turned up saying that his ex was deliberately making things difficult and that he had to go back home to look after his daughter. I think she decided to dump the kid on him to stop him being out with me, or something like that.


Needless to say that was the last time I saw him!


But if his ex has moved on it won't be as complicated as all that.

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It sounds like you two have good chemistry - it'd be a shame to cut and run now. I do think that it's a good idea not to let your expectations get too high at this stage - as it was only the first date! However, plenty of people who have children break up and stay broken up. If his ex-girlfriend is in a stable relationship that certainly decreases the likelihood of them getting back together.

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hmm... well he said that his ex is older than him and that she has a bf now... but still, who knows! I dont want to invest time if things arnt going to work out, Im really not bothered anymore LOL


Of course relationships with people who have children can work out. Happens all the time. Question is...how do you feel about children?


I would say just don't worry about it right now and stay in the present. Enjoy the relationshp and cross the bridge about the child when it comes to it.

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