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i dont think i should go..??


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If you dont know my story, we have been broken up for almost 2 weeks, ive gave up any sign of pushing.. half of the time i dont even return her calls.. cause her excuse is always something about our son.. but anyways my son has a doctor's appt, tomorrow.. i just took him yesterday cause he has an ear ake and got him some medicine. anyways she asked if i wanted to go with her, my son's doctor is 45 min away, i really dont think i should go i think it will be too hard.. so im thinking of saying,


"i really want to go but dont think its a good idea"


Advice please

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ya im going to, she didnt go yesterday cause i had him at my moms and she lives an hour away and i rushed him to er because he just wouldnt stop crying..

But its really weird.. yesterday she called me when i had my son at my moms, asking if i was in town, its a little fishy.. this time there's no way it could of been about our son, cause i had him.. but when she picked him up i didnt even ask her what it was about.. but i do wondor.. maybe a weak moment for her?

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oh my god, so after i wrote that she wrote me saying;


"i have one question, its like a done deal in your hear for right now or forever? "


Wow i cant believe this, what do i write back? please help. i need her to change as well, not just me, but if i just say i want you back then the power goes right back to her right?

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ya so i just text her with:


I want to go so bad, but know in my heart that it isnt a good idea.. im sorry"



was that ok to right, it was honest..


You could have spared her the "I want to go so bad." It makes you look needy, desperate, and conflicted; it doesn't project the confident and self-assured person you want to convey to the world.

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no i want to go so bad because of my son but not because of her


It doesn't matter... it still conveys a sense of weakness and insecurity, IMHO.


And, I would ignore her latest text... make her pursue you a bit more. If she's really interested, she won't give up that easily.

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my opinion is....since you have a child together, you have to put him ahead of your feelings. think through what you can do to cope. has your son been to the doctor yet? please please do not use your son as a bait. if she did not take him, then do it yourself. you don't have to be together as long as your son gets the medical attention he needs.

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she is trying to play games.. but at the same time she seemed so censer about asking me if it was over.. to be honest she has never done anything like that before.. its usually me contacting her wanting to talk.. and now that im not she's getting worried cause it might be over for good.. but the truth is i want her back so bad, she is the love of my life.. i just know if i run back to her she'll gain all of the power back right? but im just going to wait, leave it alone and see what she does.. at least i know she wants me back.. but if she does come back it will be on my terms now, not hers.. am i doing the right thing?

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