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High school Relation.....

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I am a senior(17) and I am currently seeing a freshman(14)......i have been dating her on and off since august, but nothing officiall......I just wnated to know if anyone else has been in the same boat.....i dont know what it is, but i REALLY like this girl, its just that it seems kinda embarrarsing (for myself) like when we go out in public or to her school dances......i dont know.....also, i have a little brother who is the same age as her (with in 2weeks) and it is just really uncomfortable whenver she comes over........any advice?

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Hey there,


well, when I was a freshmen, my oldest brother (a senior at the time) started dating a girl a month younger than me (freshmen also) and they were together for 3 years, broke up for a few, and have been back together for a while now. They are both in college now.


I'm sure my brother felt weird at first about me being a bit older than his girlfriend...but I doubt it lasted long.


He was crazy about her, as you, I'm assuming, are with this girl.


Don't get embarrassed, people used to tease my brother about it...but it was only because they wished they were in his shoes. It all works out in the end.


Just enjoy being with her.


I hope this helped in the slightest,


Wishing the best




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im glad that youve found someone you like.

i had been in the same situation but revers if you get me, i was the younger one and well when i was dating him it was awkward for me because his younger brother was just one year younger that me. its just an aspect that you have to get over to get through a relationship. it does work just ensure that the communication is there.


as for being embaressed are you sure this girl is the one? i mean you shouldnt need to feel or generally feel embaressed when with her. things like the school dance would be seen as understandable but just going out thats the part of a relationship and you need to come to terms with it.


are you comfortable when alone?



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yea we are very comfortable when just the two of us....i dont know what it is, but i feel like i can just be myself when around her.......its odd for me, cause ive never been like that around girls, and in past relationships........and she is way mature...hell the other night, she was over, and she was rolling her eyes at what my little brother was doing.......i dont know though....it just seems weird when we are out in public: she is like a foot shorter than I, and it just is kinda awkard....it feels like it is tabboo.....ya know....like "oo look at him, big man dating a naive freshman.....gee i wonder what he must be doing it for" ........ i dont know......

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My advice is to stop worrying about what others think. If you really like her and she likes you, I see no problem at all. My boyfriend [also 17, 3 years older than me] would always tell me that no matter what, age didn't matter - and he had a younger sister who was about 6 months older than me. Don't let random peoples opinions control your life. After all, its yours - not theirs, right?


Best o' luck!

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espirit is correct in whats shes put.

all you need to think of is how you feel about her and not what others think, its not relevent to them on what you do with your life and within relationships you should enjoy what you have with her. as you said you feel more open and youve not had that before isnt that saying enough in itself? i think you have got s great woman ontop of that you say shes mature also, could you want anymore lol.


look d enjoy your life, and personally if heights an issue i guess you have to overcome it. my boyfriend is about 6 months older than me and 4/5 inches taller. ive got to handle it and i just enjoy it and use is as an asset.


dont loose her over others views.

good luck.


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