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any ideas?

Space Ghost

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I would say that two of you should discuss possibilities first.Find out what's partners idea of bad date and start from there.Main goal is not repeating that experience.

Something simple like going for a walk might turn out better than tickets somewhere.Are you willing to make it memorable?That's what counts.

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In my opinion a picnic always goes down well, in a nice park, with simple stuff like french bread, cheese and crackers..nothing too heavy, and maybe a nice bottle of wine (nice not necessarily meaning expensive)...maybe some frisbee or something as well...or just a walk, especially if there's a beach near by...


I agree with DJG too tho, talk to each other, see what's best for you both


Hope it helps

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Check your local paper, there is usually some sort of event or festival, some craft shows are fun, hobby shows, expos and exhibits, any historical or art museums in your area? Drive to another town, explore it, bring a picnic lunch.


Outdoor stuff is always great to me, hike, bike, walk, roller blade or anything similar, again pack a meal along and a blanket, enjoy the fresh air and talk.

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