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  1. Hiya Makedamnsure Sorry to hear you are feeling this way. Sometimes leaving things be is a good plan, to see how you truly feel, but it might be time to accept that these feelings aren't going to go away. These forums are a great place to vent and to talk about things, and you get great advice. If you ever just wanted to talk/rant/whatever feel free to PM me.
  2. See, I go for personality over looks all the time. There are people I've fallen for and, if I just passed them in the street, I wouldn't give them a second glance, but, because I've got to know them and they have a great personality I'm like, 'yeah, you're quite atrractive to me now' I think all women are different in terms of what floats their boat. In my case it's (in no particular order): Intelligence, with the ability to hold a good convo The ability to make me laugh with him, not as much at him Kindness/generosity things like that. Hope this helps!
  3. I know how annoying that is, I get it all the time. Just smile and say something like, 'it's not too bad' or something, then ignore them. They don't realise how frustrating and annoying and (in my case) occasionally hurtful(in the, 'thanks for reminding me it's been sooo long since I've seen them, I really needed that', way.) Just focus on the relationship. All the best.
  4. It's one chav out of many. You feel bad about it, which is a good thing because you aren't going to go around smacking people (or chavs)randomly. Just move on. IMO you've done society a favour by smacking them. And, Newo Ikkin, I have exactly the same thing, it's hilarious.
  5. To be honest, I don't think you should worry about it. Just go with it. If you only go through your life lking one girl in that way, then fine. If you start to like other girls (as I did) then there's nothing wrong with that either. As long as you accept that tis is the way you feel and don't try to force anything, then there shouldn't be a problem.
  6. I'm gonna thoerise here....apologies if I offend anyone (I'm gay, btw). Some gay people feel a lot of guilt about being gay, for whatever reason, and do believe that they are defective and it is their fault that they are gay and that they shouldn't be...I think maybe, maybe, the I was molested thereforeeee not my fault I am gay helps them cope with the guilt? I don't know, having never experienced either molestation or guilt...and I apologise once again if I have offended... And I agree, it's very depressing to see how many people have been raped.
  7. I agree, NC is the way to go, otherwise it's too complicated.
  8. I felt like this for a while. I was totally gone on my gf, and no one else. However, after a while, I did start to crush on a couple of girls...I think it's because (in my case anyway, it may be different for you) I fell for her personality-wise before any sort of physical attraction? Hope this helps
  9. I'm in a relationship, and I hate Valentine's day. Me and my partner don't celebrate in on principal, it's nothing but an excuse to be vomit-inducingly soppy, which, to be fair, you shouldn't need an excuse to do.
  10. I agree, could be hard to stay just friends and a bit messy in general
  11. hmm....that's a toughie...you can't really push her cuz she'll just close up even more, which will be really bad... She might be confused, or she might just be uncomfortable with the physical side of things. It might be a good thing to move away to uni, get some space and stuff, but don't base that decision solely on that, ensure you want to go to the uni and it is good for the course you want to do. When do you start uni?
  12. Yeah, I agree with deejay, you almost want discrimination and get annoyed when people tell you that you won't get discriminated against by everyone
  13. You might be depressed, falling for a friend can be very depressing...certainly the mood swings sound familiar...only you can know if it's bad enough to consider going for professional help. Insecurity is always a toughie to work on, positive re-inforcement is a good way to go... Are you still unsure where you stand on the relationship front? Because sorting that out will help quite a bit, becasue you won't be on edge as much
  14. I suppose they work well for someone who is shy/doesn't know what to say/doesn't want to come accross as too keen, but personally, I would rather receive a message as it shows more interest than just clicking a button.
  15. Marriage shouldn't depend on what orientation you are, but if are with the right person. If you've found your soulmate, (I'm assuming she feels the same about you?) don't let her go, because yoiu might lose her... Like Puff said, God created you, why would he judge. People will always judge. Always. Whether they are right or wrong, you'll just have to accept that some people will always judge against you. You don't have to be overtly open and scream that your bi from the roof-tops, but you don't have to hide it either. Talk to her, tell her how you feel, it sounds like she cares about you, and she deserves to know how you feel. Hope this helps
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