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'Mutual Crush'... or not anymore?


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Hi guys. I really don't like to post when nothing new has happened for me - Especially when I feel back at square one, as I am sure a couple of my fellow posters can relate to - At least some time in the past if not now. But, you know... I gotta write this all out!


I have posted before about this... I liked this Girl, suspected She liked me too, didn't see Her much for ages in-between but eventually learnt She was the one who liked me too.


Now She's moved to a more distant shop in the mall than She used to be due to company staff changes blah blah.


These days I hardly see Her on shift when I occasionally pass by Her new work (She's at Uni), but even on the odd occasion I do see Her there (like this afternoon) She is busy doing stuff away from the service line and never seems to notice me / or facing my way when I am going by.



Anyway I was going to say 'Hi' and stop for a chat today if She noticed me walking by but She was busy with some stock with one of Her employees, and was facing the other way when I went by so I didn't bother to get Her attention. Besides, She hasn't come by my shop in quite a few weeks now anyway.


Is there anyone who's read my past posts starting to get a little deja-vu here? lol


My gut instinct tells me not to bother anymore, that She's probably assumed I'll never ask her out and has given up with me, but there is still that small part wondering if She's still kept an open page of interest, if only we chatted again and I actually made a move to get her number this time. I know I say it everytime, but next time we talk, I plan on saying something like


"Hey, we don't see each other around so much these days, I'll have to get your number so we can keep in touch!"


So I'm just deciding whether this is more effort than it's worth making a fool out of myself trying to pursue Her anymore, or maybe it seems a big effort because I am psyching myself up too much to talk to Her, instead of just doing it!


It sounds stupid, but if we just happened to make eye contact as I went by one time, I wouldn't give second thought to stopping to talk to Her and catch up (As we have in the past). Why do I find the idea so hard if She is pre-occupied / focusing elsewhere? Go figure.

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She's busy doing her job as shes supposed to. Just because shes not turned in your direction doesn't mean shes not interested. Its a job and that is what she is focusing on not cute guys at the mall but doing her job and doing it right! If your so into her why dont you go to HER place of business and say Hi! And see what happens from there. Maybe shes been to pre-occupied with work or other personal things in her life, to come to your place of business. It may not be anything personal. If you really want it go for it!! You have nothing to lose!!!

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^ Yeah that all makes perfect sense don't it? I really really frustrate myself the amount of times I have not taken an oppurtunity when thinking back I could have and should have. Not as frustrated I bet though, as anyone else following my story over the past couple of months thinking "Geez! Raize STILL hasn't asked Her out yet?! Come ON!!"


Then again, in-between my shortfalls are the times that I *have* gone and chatted to Her. And for that I am very glad. If this were all happening just a few years ago, I doubt I would have had the courage to have even approached her just the once! This is how bad I am coming from.


I was always the guy assuming if I am lucky love will 'just happen' and come to me one day. I didn't realise that I have to actually make some moves myself here and there, even when the girl does like me as well!


I've improved over time, but frankly, I am still way too over-cautious and what's that word... Procrastinating - That's it. I feel kind of like the person hesitant to throw wood in the fireplace just because I singed my hand in the flames once in the past and am afraid of it happening again.

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^I have learnt once and for all that due to either Her or I being at work when we talk, I really am going to have to just cut to the chase and get Her number right away next time, instead of chatting away until either one of us has to carry on working and the conversation ends early. If it wasn't for that, I am sure I would have already got Her number ages ago!


Just to add, I have asked for a girl's number a few times in the past with success, so it isn't some whole new frontier for me; Not that it exactly comes easy still!

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