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mixing it up in the bedroom... ladies??

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So my girl and I have been together for almost 6 months and things are amazing. I'm not posting this because I'm bored in the bedroom. I assure you that is NOT it I'm just curious as to open my eyes to new things.


I mean she says that every O she has is amazing, sometimes several a night. The same goes for me. So I guess what I'm doing must be working, but I'm wanting to find new positions or anything really to mix it up.


We've done lots of different positions... morning noon and night. In the bedroom, on the couch, against the wall, in a chair. She has surprised me with Langerie or once only in her panties, bra, and high heel leather boots.

I don't know if toys are a good idea. Only because I'm her first girl and she recently had a dream of us together and it also involved other objects but she was too shy to say exactally what the "objects" were. She just kept saying it was interesting.


So if anyone has any stories, positions, ideas, turn ons... anything in the catagory that they would like to share, please do.




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if she's been with a guy before, or is curious by vaginal penetration perhaps it might be a good investment to get either a 2way dildo or a strap on? If you're not using toys that's going to add a whole new dimension to everything


Did I mention I'll have to get some pictures as evidence? lol

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I wouldn't bring a man into it, but it's your decision... I really don't get why all men don't hear "lesbian" but rather "lesbian, but with a chance to sleep with me"... god...

anyway... I'm not a lesbian, but I can surely appreciate women... how about trying a strap-on? or a sex- swing?

anyway, keep us posted

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yea I'm the kind of lesbian who has never been with a guy, never wants to be with a guy, and that includes joining me and my partner. Im not exactally the kind of person in general who likes to share


I've thought about mentioning toys to her to see if she has any interest. I just thought it was odd that she had a dream about us using them but was too uncomfortable to say that the dream entailed toys, except that it was a REALLY good dream.


What about even using simple things...like blindfolds and ice cubes. Or simple moves like nibbling on earlobes, biting, or licking.

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I really don't get why all men don't hear "lesbian" but rather "lesbian, but with a chance to sleep with me"... god...


I think that's 100% based on pornography, to be honest, and the prevalence of lesbian sex in pornography aimed at straight men, where it is more or less a given that the participants are at the most bisexual, and are also interested in men. I think that if porn didn't feature such a relentless array of female homosexuality aimed at hetero men, that fewer hetero men would have that kind of attitude towards lesbians in the real world whom they may otherwise find attractive.

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