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Whats up with her?


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I was at tacobell last weekend with a couple friends and we met a couple girls there. One of them was really pretty, and I got her number, and we ended up giving them a ride home. I called her a couple days later and asked her if she wanted to go get some food, but she said she was busy. I asked her again today if she wanted to go to a small rave on friday with me and some of my friends, but she said that she "wouldnt be able to pull that off", which i can understand because it goes until 5 am. But then i said that we may just end up going to a party or hang out at my friend's house, and all she said was "well have fun?".


Keep in mind that when I was with my friends at tacobell, she came up to us, and sat down accross the table from me, and when I asked for her phone number she didn't hesitate to give it to me.


Am I doing something wrong? I don't see why she even bothered to give me her phone number if she didn't want to go out.


Thanks for the help!

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Well she could have very well have been busy that first time.


As for the second time, she told you the rave was out of the question and you didn't exactly invite her to the other option - you just kind of told her what you were doing. Also, she could be looking for a date involving just you two instead of hanging out with you friends and certainly not looking for a rave that goes till 5am as a first time to hang out event. The question mark on the end implies "so how do I fit into this?"


Lastly, some girls give their numbers out to be nice but don't necessarily intend on acting on anything further.

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Thanks for the help! I talked to her again and told her that she could come to whatever we do on friday, and she said she really wanted to go, and didnt want to invite herself, so thats why she didnt say anything earlier.


Great advice, thanks a ton!

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