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Shy girls


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Here is the run down.


Waitress at a bar I frequent once a week or so.

She is very attractive and I noticed she looks at me a lot while I am there.

Tonight she was at the bar on her off night. She was starring at me. I stared back and we both smiled at each other. I go and talk to her and she doesn't look at me and answers my questions with very quick answers. I ended the convo with I will see you around (name) and she smiled. What is my next step? I am sure this girl is into me she just may be very shy.

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You should have asked her for a date. There's no reason you can't, after all it IS the guy's role to be the initiator/pursuer. She makes it clear she is into you. That's your green light. Don't chicken out next time!


By the way, I ran into a guy at the beach last week. He initiated a conversation and we talked a bit. He was rather cute, and I would TOTALLY have wanted to see him again. He ended our conversation with "well, here's my car... So see you around I guess" and that was that. Sucks because I can't imagine I will ever run into him again. Which is too bad, because he seemed real nice. Food for thought on "see you around" which is now officially my least favourite phrase in the English language.

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well, she was probably looking around and not making much eye contact cause she is a waitress. it's her job to serve customers. she probably needs to look around to see if anybody needs anything, count orders, see tables, etc.


next time you get a chance to catch her ask if she'd like to go out sometime and exchange numbers.

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