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How do you know if a girl likes you?


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Just see how she acts around you, then observe her around other guys too... *not in a stalkerish way* if she acts diff, then she prolly likes you... if not she prol doesnt... and note* this doesnt work when your really good friends with the girl.

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Argh I hope she doesn't reject me...


It's always a risk...no matter what stage you're at...about to ask her out, about to marry her, married to her...any stage in a relationship presents the risk of rejection and failure. But you can't win if you don't play and it sounds like you want to put your cards on the table. OK, that was corny. But, good luck! Let us know what happens. If she says no, no sweat, there will be others. Just don't wait too long or get too attached before you ask her out.

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I could see this going several ways: (1) You don't ask her out, get more attached (bad); (2) you ask her out she says yes (great); (3) you ask her out, she says no (no big deal, at least you know) or (4) you decide she's not feeling it and decide not to pursue it, detach somewhat, and start getting to know a bunch of other girls (great).


So, that's all the advice I'll give...good luck whatever you decide to do.

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No I haven't, I may or may not because I'm still debating...


the longer you wait and debate, the more your ruining your chances and some other guy may sweep her off her feet. You gotta jump the gun and do it first or be left in the dust wiping the dirt out of your eyes whining what happened.. haha

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