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Do my looks matter?

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Do your looks matter? Of course they do, but not nearly as much as you think and not nearly as much as anyone else thinks. Men fundamentally judge women by their looks: face, hair, eyes, breast, legs, body, etc. and, more than anything else, it is a woman's looks that turns men on (or turns men off). For a (heterosexual) man, a woman's looks are what initially "trances" him out, whereas women tend to be seduced more by words and actions - unless the man is some kind of male supermodel or superstar in which case women will trance out on him in the same way a man will trance out on ANY beautiful woman.


It is only natural that men think the same rules about looks apply to women as they do men. To a certain extent, yes. A woman, however, places much less importance to how a man looks compared to how he can make her feel. Looks might better help you get the "audition" but that's all. Good looks, the right (symmetrical) face, decent body, nice clothes, will provide you an opportunity to "audition" for a woman much more easily than bad looks but that's all you get - an audition. From that point on it still comes down to how you can make her feel. It's your ability to make women feel warm, happy, and magical deep down inside them that makes them actually want you, not how you look. That doesn't mean, though, that you shouldn't always try to look and feel your best. Why handicap yourself?


We are evolutionarily designed to be this way. In tribal days, men went after the female most visibly able of replication, and the single ALPHA MALE got her. All other males waited for the Apha to die so they could try their chance. This is the natural order of things. Males offer survival and security, and females offer replication and social value.


There's nothing wrong in a man wanting to have multiple women, such as there is nothing wrong in a woman wanting a single man. Both are right. We are designed to be this way through years of living in a society. Survival of the fittest. Survival of the smoothest.

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Good for me because I'm good-looking and I have a cool personality


Anyway, I think women overestimate the importance men give to looks (which is certainly high if compared to what women do) and that men underestimate the importance women give to looks (and they also think women, unlike men, don't want to * * * * lots of people, lol). We have our differences, but we are more similar than most people like to think. Most of the time we're just making excuses for our mistakes


To be honest I think looks can do a lot more than to just grab someone's attention.

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Looks are extremely important in sexual and romantic relationships, and for the entire duration, not just past the get to know you stage. Looks are equally as important for men as women. I have to disagree with the OP... IMO looks matter even more than we are comfortable admitting.


If someone is having relationship problems getting things off the ground with the opposite sex, the very first thing they should do is start serious work on their physical appearance, and make themselves as attractive as possible given what they have to work with. Breaking habits and working on yourself in this way is hard, I know from personal experience, but it is easier than working on other goals to be tackled later after your appearance is on the right track.


Human sexuality is designed to create healthy babies. Physically attractive people are biologically attractive also. Physically attractive people generally have greater opportunities in all areas of life, these are all scientifically proven facts.

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