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Feeling Guilty About Cheating


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Right now, I am confused as to what I should do. Two days ago, I broke up with my GF (lets call her Betty) because I feel guilty about cheating on my previous girlfriend (Amy) with Betty.


I met Amy five years ago in high school. For about four years, we have had a steady relationship. On the fifth year I cheated on Amy with Betty. I had a hard time choosing between Amy and Betty since Amy was my first girlfriend and Betty seemed to be everything I wanted. Amy was really hurt, but she still wanted me and didn’t mind sharing me with Betty. Regardless, she decided it was best to break up with me since she realized I would never be able to choose which girl to keep and it was driving me insane.


A year has passed since this incident, and up until a few days ago I was with Betty. Two days ago, I decided to break up with Betty because I still feel so guilty about cheating on Amy. Until a few weeks ago, I never had a problem putting my guilty feelings aside, but up until a few weeks ago and especially this week I just could not ignore my feelings.


I just feel like it is not fair for me to be with Betty since I cheated Amy with her. I told Betty this and she tries her best to get me though this. I know her words are filled with love and care as she tells me to forget about my previous past, and make a new past for myself.


I think that Betty is really a wonderful girl. If we do stick together, and if I can forget about my past, over a long period of time I think our relationship will really flourish. I was thinking of calling Betty later today and ask her how she is doing. I’m not sure if I should get back with her, or continue to be single. I’m afraid that if we do get back together, my guilty feelings will only get in the way again. And if I wait too long, I’m also afraid that we will be too different.

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I think that it's time for you to move on...

I also think that maybe you need to take some time off just to focus on yourself, figure out what you want in life. You jumped from one relationship to another and I think it wouldn't be a bad idea to spend some time apart (I was in a similar situation. Dated guy for 4 years, met new guy...broke up with new guy after a year.... well, I've been single for a year and 3 months and couldn't be happier).


Give Betty some space. She's probably feeling VERY hurt right now.

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