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angry - what can i do?


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I just need to get this off my chest. Tonight I was supposed to go to a party with my boyfriend...it's at his friends place. I was ready at like 9, and he calls and says he is on his way over. He is at work, where my best friend also works (but they are for sure done their shift). He is giving her a ride. They get held up somehow, 2 hours later he shows up at my door. I should note, we work at a pub, and I know (because he let it slip) that they had drinks during this time they were 'held up'. When he finally shows up, I had decided to put my pjs on, and stew cause I was so mad that he made me wait so long, while he was having drinks with her, and he never called to tell me this...I would have been fine if he was like 'i had a stressful day, i'm just having a drink'.. but instead, i had no idea what was going on.


Anyway, he apologized when he got here, but he had friends in his car, so we never got a chance to hang out, and i was so mad i couldn't just go hang out with ppl i don't even know that well right away, so i just stayed home. he went to the party, with my best friend, and some of his friends. Also, I had promised a friend I would be there tonight, and I feel really guilty for not going.


I said i wanted him to leave, but of course, i really didn't...cause now i'm all alone, mad at both my best friend and my boyfriend, while they are out together partying. I don't like how close they are getting, and i'm jealous of them spending time together...especially when they are drinking. But what can I really say about this? I'm glad at least they get along well, but i don't like them hanging out without me.


he hasn't called or texted me since he left, and im not sure if he will. i hate being mad. i just want to forgive him and move on, but the longer they are gone right now, the more i sit here and stew and get angry. what can i do?

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i think the question you need to ask yourself is if you trust your BFs (boy friend and best friend). if you trust the completely, i think you should be happy that both of them are getting along so well. if you don't trust them both completely i think you need to tell them that you are uncomfortable with how they are so close to each other.


i think tonight was a slip-up. bad things like that is bound to happen. you need to let your boy friend know that you are extremely upset with him and make sure he understands why.

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