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What's wrong with her?!

Big Daddy Kane

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Yesterday I didn't talk to this female friend of mines in class and got pissed off at me. She blocked me in Myspace and doesn't want to talk to me anymore, Here's a conversation I had with her sister:


NOTE- The conversation starts at the bottom






Do you guys have any idea why she's acting like this?? First she says she's mad, then she says she's not mad at me (but still doesn't want to talk to me for no reason)... BTW we're like best friends.

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Wait do you guys agree that this is what she is doing?



Silent treatment


You come home and you find yourself chilled to the bone. Or you’re having a perfectly normal date and suddenly she goes all quiet. She’s giving you the dreaded silent treatment and you haven’t a clue what’s got her to feel this way. Often men do eventually realize what the problem is, but are most often clueless initially and have the classic question, "What have I done now?" which seems to further irk and irritate the woman. She retreats further into her silence and no amount of coaxing and prodding will get her to reveal what the problem is, till you’re ready to tear your hair out in frustration.



What’s a guy to do?



As much as you may be tempted to do it, don’t just leave her alone to deal with what is upsetting her. You may think that by going after her, it makes you seem like the weak one. But remember, a woman wants to know that it matters to you – that her being upset makes a difference to you. If she isn’t willing to talk about it, give her a little time on her own, and then lighten the moment by telling her something that begs a response, or try just holding her and letting her vent some steam, which will hopefully melt some of that iciness.

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