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I've always had memory problems but over the past years or so they seem to have been getting worse. I forget things people tell me, where i set things down, if i've done things or not, names, dates, events. It does come back after a while but it's been getting more annoying the more it happens.

Its not that i cant remember things kinda, for no reason. Its when i need to remember them if that makes any sense. Its like... that optical illusion with the black grid over the white background, you see gray dots at the intersections but when you try to look right at them they disappear. Thats how it feels.

Its not just annoying, its somewhat damaging for me. I look like a total idiot almost all the time forgetting homework, not hearing what people say, not remembering what they say, spending half my day looking around for things i've had in my hand seconds before. The worst part is, no one believes me. I tell them "i cant remember anything" and its just shrugged off like someone saying "i've had a tough day"

Is there like, some sort of supplement or exercise or something i can do to make my memory better? I think i'm plenty smart, its just the remembering part thats messing things up for me.

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Maybe repeat things a few times in your head after hearing them, and/or write things down. I think if you eat right, get enough sleep, and eliminate any stressors it should get better. An occasional game of chess or sodoku couldn't hurt either.

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