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this is what i want out of love what do you want

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We all need love, i come on here sometimes and just read what people are saying and what they are going through in their live's and i think in most cases most of us want only one thing and that is to be loved.

I know thats all i have ever wanted, someone to put their arms around and tell me they love me and actually meant it, i want someone to tell me they love me without me saying it first, i want someone to kiss me for no reason at all, i want someone to take me by the hand and and lead me to bed and make love to me without having to ask for it i want someone to curl up behind me in bed and put their arm around me i want someone who can tell me their darkest secrets and fears so i can tell them mine and i want someone who can forgive me when i say im sorry and i know i have done something wrong.

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you talk a lot about the physical aspects of love... but love is so so so much more then that.


Anyone can hold you and anyone can kiss you ...take you to bed... but love..true love is so much more then that.


if you are putting something out into the universe and hoping it will come to you ... you'd better be really really specific.. lol

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