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What do you make of this?

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For as much as I can't accept the fact that my ex doesn't love me anymore, it seems as though she's having just as hard of a time accepting that we can't be friends anymore. This isn't a guess because the evidence is everywhere.


I feel bad because she genuinely wants to stay friends with me. I just can't accept that and I love her too much to be okay with just being friends. My feelings are just waaay too strong.


Well, here's my problem. Whenever we (the ex and I) go a few months of NC (yes, I've been down this road many times before) and she knows I won't talk to her directly, she sends in mutual friends.


Up until this point, I've tried to stay friends with all of her friends, and I've even stayed in contact with her family. But a few weeks ago I realized I needed to get rid of all reminders. I deleted everyone even remotely connected to her from my cell phone and my myspace friends list.


I felt bad about doing it and I posted about it here, looking for advice, since all our mutual friends didn't do anything to me--the only reason I deleted them was because of their connection to her.


So, one of our mutual friends I deleted not so long ago just sent me a friends request. I really feel bad because she didn't do anything wrong to me--in fact, she was there for me all during this bad stuff I went through with the ex.


So, what I'm wondering is, does she want to stay in contact on her own, or was she sent by the ex? I'm also wondering what course of action to take. Should I just ignore her or should I email her, explaining that it's nothing personal, and that I don't want any reminders yet?


The ball's in my court and I don't know what to do. Please help!

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I'd still be friends with them but when they bring up her or the breakup or whatever, just say that you are trying to get over it and don't want to talk about it.


If they don't respect that, then you can cut them out.


She wants to still be friends and know about your life, however, you have the choice as to what you want her to know. If you want her to know nothing, tell them nothing.

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If it hurts you too much to be friends with her right now...you simply can't do it! She broke up with you...relinquished any (relationship) rights she has with you. You have to think about YOU not her. If she doesn't like your decision, too bad! She dumped you...let her know what it's like to be without you!

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