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Stuck in a rut and no way out?

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Ok, im 23 (soon to be 24) and currently employed as a supervisor part time in my local convenience store. I have been there now for over two years following the completion of my Business and Finance course. In total i had been studying business for 5 years. To be truthful, i only started this due to some lacklustre exam results in high school and business studies was the best option available. Originally the job at the convenience store was supposed to be temporary, a quick and easy was of making some money while i looked around for full time work. Obviously this changed.


I know i made a few bad decisions in the past regarding my studies, and can now admit to myself that i had no interest in business when i started studying and had even less five years later. But i thought that it held a promising future and stuck with it. I did however refuse to complete the final year and gain a degree due to problems with loans etc.


Personally i think i am fairly intelligent, but my biggest flaw is my complete lack of an attention span. In truth i'm a bit of a dreamer. My current job is boring and repetitive and quite frankly is the cause of my slight depression. I have finally had enough and have started looking for full time work, but have now realised that my qualifications mean nothing and ill have to start at the bottom. All the jobs i have got interviews for have been receptionist or aministration work and i know these will fail to hold my interest. And those days when im struck with a sudden determination to find out what i want and go and get it are quickly replaced with the 'i'll do it tomorrow' syndrome.

I always think that i should go back and study something that interests me such as cinema or literature but can i really afford another 3-4 years away from the real world? Pay isnt that important, and id rather do something i enjoy and get lttle for it than something i hate and make a fortune.

So anyone else in a similar postion? Anyone else thing that maybe all those college/University guidance counsellors failed to really give you a realistic outlook on future prospects?.

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If you're not happy in your field, one option would be to "shop around" for a company that offers tuition reimbursement - and take some classes at night towards something that DOES interest you, and combines both the business courses you already have, and something you think you'd enjoy. The business classes won't go wrong - everything has some aspect of business in it, and at the least, you won't be dependent on trusting that your secretary or bookkeeper is competent without being able to check for yourself someday - or for that matter, if you eventually start your own business, you'll know many of the basics that trip up a lot of newcomers.


I took 3 years of mostly business courses myself, and... I'm ending up freelancing in graphic art. But I still needed those basics to read and look for the proper phrasing and clauses in a contract, know to set aside tax money, acquire a business license... etc. Even the courses we never use as a major thing usually aren't wasted.


Especially if you can get reimbursement, it gives you the chance to take a couple of completely different things, and if one of them isn't for you, you haven't lost anything!

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I've been in your shoes. You have no option but to make a decision. You can't drag your feet.


You must decide what you want your goal to be and you must never stop going for it. You should finish you business degree.


Let me tell you this... NO MATTER WHAT CAREER YOU CHOOSE.. a business degree will help you. I work in IT, a business degree would definitely help me. I have strong interest in filmmaking, filmmaking is a BUSINESS.


Finish your degree even if you have to go into debt to do so.


Fact is, you have to pay your dues in crummy jobs sometimes. I did. But I always had a vision of the future.


I also suggest focusing your energy on others more than yourself. We always ask ourself "what should I be.. what should I do" What we should be asking is "What can I do for you?". That is what your gift is, what you give to others. What do you want to do for others?

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