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Ok I have a verry verry weird one that i need help on.

Well i was dating this girl for over 2 years we made love and cared about each other sooo much. we even thought of marrage. well my job took me to japan for 1 year and we decided to break up.


2 months before i was about to come back she said she gotten married. so im thinking to myself ok well we did break up. i asked to see what he looked like juse because i was curious. Well come to see it was my uncle. I told her this and she was fine about it. ok now 2 weeks before i was coming home to florida she said she had gotten devorced because things were not working out with her and him. just so you know she never told my uncle that i was the guy she dated before him. well anyway i come back to florida ok. and we get to talking and come to find out she likes me alot still and i like her alot.

the wuestion is should i hook up with her again even tho for about 1 year she was my aunt. but i was with her before him.. would that be insest. if so i wont do it.


and doesnt it fall under the unritten rule that you shouldnt date your best friends ex thats kinda like what im going trough now. whats your opinions here. ill appreate any ideas or comments you have

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True. well she has a really great job here shes making 35 an hour. and thats great because peopel in florida make like 8 ot 10 if there lucky. besides big jobs. and i didnt want her quiting her verry good job knowing i was going to be back in 1 year. i didnt want to make her loose her job and not be able to get it back

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