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Not a word for 4 months then she calls me acting like my friend!!!


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Me and my ex Broke up about 3 months ago, we haven’t spoke one word to each other since and I had no intention of ever speaking to her again, I moved in to a friends house about 1 month ago and the other person that lives there is going out with my ex’s friend, he is also friendly with my ex. me and him had a fall out that got a bit physical and me and my ex’s two friends had a big argument,


the night this happened I left the house to stay at my sisters to let things cool off a bit, it was about 6 in the morning when I was in my sisters house when I got a phone call from my ex asking what happened.. it was very strange I had not talked to her for around 4 months (NOT ONE WORD) and she phones me out of the blue acting very concerned and being relay supportive, taking my side and even falling out with her two friends because they were arguing with me.. I asked her why she called and she told me she cared about me and didn’t want me getting into fights, I asked her why after no contact for 4 months would she call me and actually take my side over her friends, she said she knows me for longer and likes me better than them…. I find all this very confusing!!.. she txt me several time the next day and also phoned me, she was being very nice to me telling me about how things where going with her and asking how things where with me during the conversion I said again that this was a bit strange and she asked me could we be friends… I rely do not want to be friends with her I do not think you actually can be friend with an ex and that it is better to just move on and stay away from each other…


Also the morning she phoned me she was being nice to me even to the point were she was flirting with me, calling me hansom and telling me how nice a person I was… I did not flirt back, I just asked her why she was flirting with me and she said she couldn’t help it so I asked her to stop it… she then phoned and we talked for a while about things (we were not talking about us) during this conversation she almost broke down crying a few times, I didn’t ever ask her what was wrong because I didn’t want to get into any deep conversion about us… she then texted the next day asking if I had spoke to her friends about what had happened, I didn’t text back for four hours and the text again was very short and to the point…


I just feel I have worked to hard getting to the point were I am now after breaking up to let her breeze back in to my life and potentially mess about again…


What way should I take this, it seems very strange and was totally unexpected, is she trying to get a foot in the door again and get involved in my life??? Or what way dos it seem to you????

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I think she is going through a lonely phase or perhaps genuinely misses you and saw this dramatic event as a good excuse to make contact with you and re-establish a friendship, perhaps more with you. Or to relieve some of the guilt and emotion that she still has towards the breakup.


Maybe she was enjoying a bit of her freedom for those 4 months and now that the party is over she is looking to come back to what she is more comfortable with.

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