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touching each others parts


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Hi! my friend..lets call her alice...needs some help. she is too shy so i decided to post her problem up here and ya...i know i might be uh, butting in but we tell each other everything and me and her bf r good friends...



i'll keep this as short as possible...


Alice and her bf have been going out for about more then a year now..and they both deeply love each other even though they r my age (14)!!! so any wayz...

when they kiss...or make out nowadays, she told me that they started touching each other...( they hav had phonesex...so they think they can handle it).

and she told me about him touching her breasts and stuff and felt she wanted to touch his..ding-dong...PENIS...

so when she did..she unziped his pants and reached in and touched it a little..she liked it but it was kinda...well...to her it seemed right but also akward and wrong..

so they stopped kissing and ya...

so basically she wants to know how to do that..or what she should do because she is VERY confused and i hate it that i can't help her because i've never had a bf!!!!

so please help her






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If she feels wrong about it, she should wait. Never do what you feel wrong about.


If she is feeling like she wants to touch it again but not sure what to do to it, she should ask him what he would like. She could then decide if she wants to do what he suggested or not. She can always tell him she doesn't want to try that (at all), or doesn't want to try that right now. Also, if she tries something once or twice and decides she doesn't want to do it again, that is also totally OK for her to say!

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Well she should only do what she feels comfortable doing. It she doesnt want to then well he should hopefully understand. I mean he is her bf and all and they've been 2gether for a while.


I know the first time I did that it was exciting, scary, fun, hot, and nervous all at the same time. I had NO idea what I was doing or how any of the boy's stuff worked down there, lol. He had NO idea what he was doing with me either, lol. I don't think I still fully get it still.


There is nothing wrong with doing that stuff when u r ready. And there is nothing wrong with waiting too. Nothing wrong with going slow.

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At 14, they shouldn't be touching parts yet, and once the snake is let out of the bag so to speak, it will be hard to stop the normal course of things. At the very least if they insist on doing this, they should never do anything involving touching parts unless he wears a condom, not even handplay.


Lots of young folks end up in a very scary situation that starts out this way.

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At 14 I was still a child running around playing football and waiting for normal body parts to arrive!

I can't believe 14 yr olds are thinking about this sort of stuff! I feel old!


If your friend doesn't feel comfortable, then don't do it. You wouldn't eat a sweetie you didn't like would you?



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