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Last night i had a a dream about my ex girlfriend. We were in the mall walking around and i remember asking her for a second chance and that i want her back. then we went back to my house and we watched a movie. After that she went back home. Then i woke up somone called my house. I dont know what to do it seems like ill never get over her its killing me so much. Please help me somone i dont know what to do about this.

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brother I know, what I have read is that the less you think of them during the day the less you wake up or have dreams about them. Just think its all about rehab, Alcholics dream of that last drink and we dream of our ex's. Just know if you stay away from all contact with her you will feel better, but it will get worse before it gets better. Ive also read that it is just mother natures way for humans to stay has a pair, and being a pair makes it harder to break that. Hang in there, also you might want to try writing a journal, that way all of your thoughts can be put down, keep it all the time and everytime you think of her wright in you book. Also, what has helped me is (and it might sound strange) is I try not to cry during the day. I wright and when I get to my sad apt. I fill my tub full of cold water stand in it and try and cry as much as I can, I cry till I cant cry no more, the point is to make it as unpleasnt as possible make yourself stand in that bathtub full of cold water even if you want to cry or not, make yourself and give yourself a time limit, 1 hr to start, then 30 min then 10 min but make sure you stay in there till the time limit is over...

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I agree with Jcollin4, but instead of keeping a journal, do what I did when I split from my ex fiance 8 years ago. I wrote long letters about how I was feeling and what I was going through. I wrote them as if I was writing to her. But I never sent them. I sealed them in their envelopes and there they stayed. I got everything out of my system this way. Whatever I was feeling was put on paper. I look at those letters now and I cringe. We go through some very powerful feelings during a breakp-up that we don't seem to think straight. Most of the time, we blame ourselves over what happened. Always with the "what ifs" and "if only".

It's funny to look back at how you actually felt at the time. It just makes you want to hide with embarrasment.

I suggest that maybe you try this for a while and see how it goes.






Catch ya soon buddy and look towards the future. You can only go up when you're feeling so down............................

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