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She left, i cryed and ran to my ex


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So, as some as you know my ex whos pregnet threaten to run to texas acctually did a few days ago, well when she did i broke down, didnt take it well at all because she called me ten minutes before she left telling me that she did it all just so she could have a kid and get back to texas to see her ex-bf, After she hung up i didnt know what to do and hell i still dont know what to do on that whole thing, Some strange reason i called an ex-gf i was very serious with for a while and just broke down again over the whole thing to her and i eventually went to her place and just stayed there with her all night, Im just wondering if that was the right thing to do running back to my ex like that because the last time we were in each others company she told me she loved me and i just froze and then ran, But due to this whole messed up situation i think i might of missed my chance with her....

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First.....this isn't your child by legal definition until there is a paternity test. The girl that has run off - was liking running around on you - and it's very possibly NOT your kid, and she has a suspicion of it.


Your admission, and willingness to be listed as a father without a paternity test deems you legally liable for support until the child is 18-22.......your denail of the child being yours until paternity is proven doesn't eliminate your obligations or rights or opportunities, but it definitely limits your liabilities.

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