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Prying Friend


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This friend of mine keeps calling for the wrong reasons. Today she pretended to make a casual call, when all along it was to see how my new job / vocation is going. I have worked really hard to get where i am today, and feel this is a violation of my time.


She started complaining about this guy she knows who earns truckloads of money, saying how rude he is now that he is successful. I felt like pointing out that i had seen her do the same thing when she thought she was 'better' than somebody, but i bit my tongue. She just makes me mad


Lately, she has only been calling druing work breaks, or when she has nothing better to do, instead of making quality time together. I find this rude as she cuts the conversation short. She seems to only call for support as she is unhappy in her job.


Two weeks ago, she called to see what i was doing later that day. It was like she was putting me on stand-by. She had lunch arranged with somebody else, but said that she would like to catch up in the evening, but wasn't sure if she could due to lunch 'usually turning into dinner' with these people. She didn't end up calling, which was fine by me.


I am actually considering not answering my phone to her. I did this for a couple of weeks recently and she was really nice to me for a week or two after that, but now she is back to her old habits: using people. Her underlying attitude is that i haven't got anything better to do than wait for her call and, *low and behold*, wait for her EXCITING company! Lol.


I feel like ringing her up and letting her know how i feel, but will probably go the 'ignore' route for a while. Having said that though, i think it's about time i told her outright what is annoying me about her. I really don't like being used and i am sick as hell of being taken for a fool.


What would you do in my situation?

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Oh yeah, and another thing. When she is peeved at someone, she rallys to get support. She can't even take responsibility for her own feelings.


She is really peeving me right now


Sorry, can't you tell?! I am venting. The thing is though, that i always cool down and she just does it to me again and again and again. It's like she can sense when a good time to ring me is.



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Well, my first thought is are you sure she wasn't genuinely interested in how your job is going?


I hear that you feel used and maybe you are being used. What would I do? What I plan to do in my situation - back off. I don't feel like confrontation at this point in my life so I'll just back off and maybe ignore the situation for a while. Maybe if you do this things will change. Conversely (and this applies to me) maybe time to make new friends.

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