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How do guys differ from us gals?


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I am just wondering, when most girls have a new like/love interest or dating a guy, most think of them throughout the day. Some daydream about how their date will be later, how wonderful last nights kiss and/or conversation was, etc. They will chat to their friends about the guy and gush with happiness. They just plain think of them, even when they are busy with their daily duties.


How often do guys think of the girl or do they not?


Do guys talk to their friends about a girl they have an interest in?


I am just curious.

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I guess I'll take a stab at this one. when dating a girl I would tend to say I think about her multiple times a day, but not necessarily throughout the day as you describe. Mainly when something reminds me of her etc. I'm mainly focused on what the day holds and what needs my attention currently, knowing that later I will be able to see my GF so we can spend some time together.


Guys do talk about girls who interest them with their guys friends, same as women I assume

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me too. I'm a woman, and when I am interested in someone (always pretty much), they will come to mind when I'm doing mundane things like putting out my laundry, or on the train. I can't focus on them and work at the same time though. I used to obsess when I was in my late teens and early twenties, and had more time on my hands. Wasn't healthy.

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depends on the age. i know i'd daydream a lot when i was younger. but along the lines of the other posters, i have a career to focus on. but there are times when the person just crosses your mind and you take a minute or two and just think about them. several times a day if i'm really into them.


and yes, i talk with my friends about her.

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