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Am I crazy or Am I being Abuzed


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I started this thread to help anyone who is going through or has been through dating someone who abused you and left you thinking its you and not them. If anyone (please do) wants to add to this post..with their own list..please don't let me stop you!



Abuse Vs you're crazy:


If you are being pinched, kicked, slapped, hair pulled, bitten (even lightly) and you tell your abuser that you want it to stop and they tell you "your'e being a baby" or "you're too sensitive" you are NOT crazy, they are.


If you are hitting and kicking your abuser in self defense because they have pushed you past the point of normal, remember "There is no such thing as normal behavior in combat!"




If you are trying to sleep and instead of your sig respecting this, they wanna yell and scream and keep you up all night and when you finally say "I'M Tired..please can we just deal with this later or tomorrow" and they say "If you loved me, you would stay up with me and talk"...you are NOT crazy...they are rude!



If you are crying because you were just pushed into a wall, and you are scared and they say something like "oh no here comes the fake tears" or "oh here we go again" You are NOT crazy..they are mean and have crossed the line..not to mention insensitive!!!!


If you want to leave an argument and they physically restrain you and you are begging them to let you leave and they won't so you physically try to move by hitting them or pushing them away and they tell you "you are evil, you are sick, you are hurting me" you are NOT crazy..they are prevoking you to defend yourself!



If you are on a date and you are being yourself laughing and being silly and they look at you mean and say "Don't do this, don't do that, its disrespectful to me, you are disrespecting ME" when all you did was tell them they are so silly....RUN...you are NOT crazy..they are!!!



If you are not into ANAL sex and they say "you are so selfish, all you want to do is please yoruself...you are not crazy...they are..not to mention selfish...I have plenty more..but i'm hoping others can add...

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