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Things MUST Change -- How Do I Start?

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This is a really long story, but I will try to make it as short as possible.


Lets the cover the basics here. I am a 22 year old from Boise, ID and going to go school at Boise State University. I am working for the Idaho Transportation Department (ITD) via Boise State; an intern position. What this means is that my paycheck comes from Boise State and that ITD does not have to cover anything -- health and dental insurance, etc.


The reason I bring this up is because this past January my father lost his job. His job was my primary source of income for schooling and was my source of benefits (health/dental/etc).


The reason for him losing his job was due to his cancer. His company was no longer willing to be cooperative with his condition.


He has filed for Social Security/Disability, but as everyone knows, it is a government program and it could be up to 3-6 months before we hear anything back.


With all of this being said, we are poor. We have finally reached the point where I am scared to death for his well being and my own.


We have sat down and talked about me getting a full-time job and going to school at nights. If this were to be done, I would be getting further behind in my school work than I already am. I am still 3 years away from graduation.




Questions for you all:


1) What should I do? What is the best course of action in your opinion?

2) How is the best way to go about getting us back on our feet?

3) Any advice that could be of any help here. Past experiences and how you overcame the adversity.


I need some inspiration right now. I need to find some strength within. I need to find myself. This moment, this very second, I am trying to shape my life for the better. All I ask is for your help.


Thank you and God Bless.

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Wow, you're going through an awful lot, I'm sorry for your situation.


I know 3 years from graduating seems like an awful long time!


It's good you have an internship! If you continue going to school you could apply for work study.


In regards to medical, I would suggest you get a job at Starbucks. Because you'll be able to get full coverage, even if you're just working part-time.


Do you qualify for food stamps? I know when I was in college a lot of students qualified for food stamps.


So, Starbucks, and food stamps should help you take care of yourself. Student loans and/or scholarships will get you through school.


In regards to your father....I'm guessing he isn't married. Is that true? If he is married, is his spouse not working? Maybe he could get under her insurance.


I think your father having cancer is a huge thing to swallow on its own. So that's definitely difficult to deal with.


I would suggest that you hang in there with school. Having a college degree is extremely important.


I graduated from college, and I didn't realize how much it realllly meant until recently. Having a degree opens an awful lot of doors for you.


It will allow you to be able to provide for your family, for yourself, in the future.


Are there counselors on your school campus? If so, I suggest to take full advantage of the service, it can really help out a lot.


Hang in there!





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Social security disability can take two years to get if you are lucky. One of my friends got hers the day before she died of brain cancer. And it's a game with them, they want you to drop out so you have to file all the forms and appeals. You might be lucky and get it your first time out, but you may not. There is the initial request/application, and then a reconsideration if it's a negative decision and then you appear before an administraitve law judge. That's where a ton of people finally get heir benefits. You are going to have to fill out the COBRA paperwork and use that for a while. Also head to social services to see if your father can get Medicaid. Typically if you own a family home and have much equity in it you might have trouble getting benefits from the state. If it were me I'd work full time for a while.



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