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Wwhat can I do about this


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Here is another problem that I face alot. I am 5'4" and every girl I meet that is the same hieght or over (which is all of them) says that they dont date guys who arent the same height or at least taller. I cant help how tall i am but thats another thing stopping the dating thing from happening for me. How casn i get women to see past that?

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i dont think it's a matter of getting a woman to look past it ... but rather, find a woman who doesn't care?


agreed. there are a lot of girls (of all heights) who will not be willing/wanting to date you due to your height, but there are a lot that will. go out, talk to women, and when you get the vibe that someone is interested- ask her out.


i posted about this somwhere before. im 5'9 and would never date a guy much shorter than me, but thats my insecurities. it has nothing to do with anything else but me feeling uncomfortable with a guy i tower over and probably weight more than.

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