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[sorry for the length, and sorry if it is a little quirky to read, my mind is a weird one]


I am unsure if I am already in love and just don't know it or if I am just confused like every other teen out there.


I am 17, male and have been dating my gf for 1 month and almost 3 weeks. I think she is a great person, she excites me and makes me think alot. Her and I both come from very wealthy families. We go to movies, we have gone to multiple parties, we drink together, we do charity functions together, and we were friends for like 2 months before you started dating.


In fact just before me she was dating someone else. I kind of "stole" her away from him, because she ended up liking me alot more than him. So after a few weeks of being with him, she and I started dating. I don't know but I think subconsciously I become worried because maybe I am not living up to what she expected. She always says "you are much different than I thought." I ask "is that a good thing or a bad thing" and she just responds "its neither good or bad, its just you." This kind of gets me.


I love being with her, we share alot of traits, but I feel like there is something missing. Like there has to be that final "kick" in the butt to just say, "I love you." I took her virginity, and that night that I did she said she loved me, and I didn't say i loved her for a few days later because I didn't. And to tell the honest truth I don't really know if I love her for the sex or if I love her because, I love her.


So kind of what my question is, how do you know you really love someone. How do I find that last little kick to make me say, "She is something really special." We have planned so many things together already, like going to do this, go to do that. I just don't know. I love her company but how does the heart just get going, get pumping with the blood of love? I started dating her because we could (and still can) talk for HOURS and HOURS on the phone. It could be about nothing but I just still wanted to talk to her. I just love seeing her each day, knowing she loves me, knowing that I am a part of her life. But there are times where I question my love for her. I question what it is that I love about her. But I can't answer that question because, I guess I dont' know what love is. I guess I just haven't had that feeling in my bones, in my heart that just is like "this girl is amazing." I guess I don't know what its like and thats why I question it.


So how do you love someone, what is it that makes you love them?


Asking another.

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In most cases, there is no "kick" that you describe. It's simply a mutual, strong attraction, a connection (which you seem to have found, with the ease that you two are together), a comfort in being with that person, and thinking of them when they're gone.


It's about wondering what they're doing throughout their day, and planning little scenarios that you'd like to see happen at some point; it's getting a silly grin for no reason other than that you thought of them and something they said at some point that amused you; it's thinking of their arms around you; it's looking forward to seeing them and doing things with them on the weekend it's thinking of ways to see their smile; it's going out of your way for them a little and realizing that they're going out of their way for you a little; and it's just that CONTENT and safe feeling you get at the end of the day knowing that there's someone out there who thinks you're as special as they think you are.


I can't describe it any other way. It's simply knowing that that person fits into a nook deep in your heart and that your heart would ache without it.....



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love~such a hard word! well when i was in 9 grade, i was told the best way of how to explain love that i have ever heard...im now a junior. love is when u put there needs before yours...always, soemtimes u give and take a little, but if u love them u want to do everything humanly possible to make them happy, and see them smile. you want to laugh with them, in school during class u cant get there smile out of ur head.and u get butterflies in your stomach right before the bell rings and u know ur about to see them. u cant get them out of your head,a dn u always want tobe with them, whether there in a bad mood but u know later they will be fine, or if your two are just being yourself. basically there is no REAL way to explain it but there are some close ones. i hope i helped!

celci 8)

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