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How to Comfort Friend?

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This is to help a friend (girl) who just ended a 5 year relationship with a guy last night, he left her for another girl how can i be there as a friend, I'm talking to her now on AIM, and have been for quite some time, she is really depressed, sad, upset, and confused to why he left her, the only thing he said this to her that he isn't attracted to her anymore like he use to be



(Quote her) but he loves and cares for me


makes no sense.....she said this (quote) "nothing went wrong i guess he just said its not the same"


but there is another girl he goes to school with, who is sort of younger, and has liked this guy for a while, and she has been interfering in the relationship over 5 months, and from what i see has successfully gotten what she wanted, sad case isn't it..i feel helpless, like i can't do anything, i want to send her flowers but don't know her address, and she lives 45 min away...What can i say, what can i do??? I mean GOD she is beautiful take a look.


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why would he do this to her so unexpectedly? and what can i do to be of any help and support too her? what can i say, what shall i do?

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You are doing exactly what you should be doing. Be her friend. Support her. Listen to her. Let her pour out her feelings and just go on and on.


The problem with us guys sometimes is that we think we have to "fix" things. You can't fix this. All you are supposed to do is listen. It may not make sense what she is saying. She is all wrapped up in her emotions so just let her lean on you for awhile.


Does this help you? Just be there for her right now.

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ok I'm doing that, your right she is so full of emotions, and she is letting them out, she says she doesn't want to talk about it anymore, but it is good to talk about these types of things...right, talking helps? i just told her this


"if you don't want to talk about it, I'm not going to pressure you with questions, but sometimes it helps to talk things out and I'm always here if you need someone to talk to"

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