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Biggest Insult- She sent me to voicemail


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My ex and I have been talking on and off for the past few months. Recently, things have started to heat up (flirting, phone sex, etc). After our latest encounter I didn't hear from her for 2 days. So I decided to call her and I heard her pick up and send me to voice mail. It's a day later and I still haven't heard boo. I sent her a text asking why she did that but no reply. What do you girls think?


It's probably for the best because, at least on my end, I felt a bit of rekindling. Could that be why I haven't heard from her in a few days?

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I agree with a lot of the other replies, it does appear that she wants the security that you gave her without the strings attached. She probably felt that you wanted more and decided well she doesn't want to go there and you calling her and texting and leaving voice messages are only going to confirm what she already thinks and that is " you want her back." That gives her a sense of security that perhaps you will always be there whenever she decides to call. Stop calling her and move on. For now I definitely don't think she wants to be with you and also it doesn't matter what people say, no one is ever too busy to return a phone call to someone they want to talk too or care for.


Just my 2 cents.

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