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does he like me or is he confused

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ok so i have liked this guy on and off for about 2 years. Then just 2 weeks ago we were talking and he asked me who i liked and i todl him to tell me who he liked first. So he called me that night and told me that it was me. But before he told me he told me that he wasnt even sure that he liked this person so that kind of made me confused. Then a couple of days later my friend which is his best friend told me that he thought he had a crush on me. Then the other day i called him and his sister answeed the fone, and some 1 asked her who it was, and she was like it is my brothers lil girlfriend. But then again he like doesnt call me as much as i call him. I donno i just need some tips like do u think he likes me and some tips like what do guys do when they like some 1, i mean like when they first start liking them. Any advise would help alot thank you.

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Hey, Blondie.


I am terrible at showing someone I like them when I am uncertain about their feelings. And when I am certain that they like me, I get very shy and I am unable to ever make the first move.


Perhaps one could just ask him out to a movie and then in the middle of it, take and hold his hand? And play with it a little, caress it and so on.


I wish you two the best of luck =)

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I would say he isn't worth your time. If he is that confused then he doesn't like you as much as you may want him to or think he does. Not if he can't get his feelings straight. Find someone who knows how he feels. Believe me i have been with someone who was always confused about his feelings. It's not good. Grant was the type who didn't know how he felt. He was a puzzle, even to himself. He admited that too! Let him be. When he finds out he will come to you and if he doesnt, well then his loss.

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That's your experience. No i wasn't the first girl Grant ever liked. He had a girlfriend before me, and that is why he was confused about his feelings. He still is. We tried to be friends even after he broke it off with me, he started to have feelings for me again, got scared and confused because she was telling him things about me that weren't true, hince, she doesn't even know me, and then backed off again and became the jerk he was before. Now i am just giving him space and letting him figure out things for himself. If i find someone in the mean time, then fine, his loss, not mine. She just needs to give him some space and time to figure things out for himself. He needs time. Just give him time. Trust me, been through this, i know. He'll come around and if he doesn't then there is someone better out there. You don't want to be with someone who is confused about his feelings. Cause if you did get together what if he was still confused, then you get hurt. He just needs to get his head on straight first. He'll figure things out, he sounds like he's just lonley.

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