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Not good with signs

Capt. Crunch

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I will make this quick:

There is this girl who has been giving me vibes, and i'm staring to like her but before I try anything i want to make sure she is not just trying to be friendly.

here are some things that make me question:

1. She has asked me twice to eat with her; once she asked if i wanted to get breakfast with her at out dinning hall (we are in college).

2. When i was walking and talking to another girl after class, she (the girl in question) grabbed a part of my bookbag and held on to it as we walked out of the building.

She could just being flirty and friendly...but i dont know, thats why im on this site lol


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Dont forget, there's always the chance the she doesn't know either. Feelings aren't always set in stone. Having a new friend is great, but the chance of having something more is even better. If you're comfortable around her, I say go for it. Gradually increase things.

Like, go get breakfast one day. Then maybe dinner? Then maybe ask her to a real dinner...at like a restaurant or something.

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I agree that he should try flirting back. Do you see her acting like this with anyone else? Its worth a shot to just obviously do some flirting like nuging her or even putting your arm around her from the back and joke with her. Tickle her or maybe even ask her out to dinner. Look at the way her body language is towards you and does she maintain eye contact when she talks to you?

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kino is usually a good way to figure out a womans stance...kino=just little flirtatious touching...usually if a girl is not feeling you any physical contact is not ok...this doesnt mean like grabbing her thigh or but but just little things...touching the back of her elbow with a joke, reach out for her hand in leading through a crowd if its appropriate then let go when you get out, hand on her shoulder/knee in an intense convo....little touching that doesnt have any real implications can say a lot on how she thinks of you..i wish i could describe this better maybe someone else can elaborate on what im talking about...

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