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so i was on birth control last year in july and after the 3 months i was on it i had menstrual problems...my period came back to normal by march this year...but i got it two weeks after again...about two weeks ago i had sex right before the day of my period...(i didnt feel well protected)...i got my period the next day andtwo weeks after i got my period again...im guessing im still having menstrual problems??

my question is: can i get pregnant even though i have an abnormal period???

ive been feeling odd and im gaining weight like crazy....




















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That doesn't make any sense.


You suspect you are pregnant but have not taken a test or seen a doctor, and yet you expect a bunch of strangers on the internet to tell you if you can get or are pregnant?


The answer is yes of course you can get pregnant- and if you think you are- take a test.

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