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I am wondering if anyone has any tips on being in long distance relationship?


My boyfriend and I have been together for about six months now and they have been the most wonderful six months of both our lives. He is the perfect boyfriend and everything I could ever ask. We have discussed the future and we do believe this is "the one" but have planned to delay making the engagement official for many reasons.


We met in October 2007 through yahoo personals. I was participating an academic-year long exchange from my university in New England to his in Oklahoma. I picked the school based on the fact I have family here and it was the obvious choice, it just worked out better than I could ever imagine! We started talking and realized we had so much in common. He too was an out-of-state student and were even taking the same class (just in different sections). By the end of the month we were officially dating! We were apart for just under three weeks at christmas and we came back we knew this was it. He has met my aunt and uncle and cousins in the area and will be meeting his father next week before I head home.


Once I head home we will be living apart for anywhere from eight months to a year depending on if he gets a job near my university. He will graduate in December of 2008 and I will in May of 2009. We have plans to live together after that and have agreed on a few places we would like to live after I graduate. We are so trying to plan "reunions" this summer, especially so we can finally meet the rest of each others families! I am worried about the prospect of getting into a long distance relationship only becasue I know it will be so much different than living in the same town and going to school together! If anyone has tips of things that have worked for them it would be much appreciated!

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keep the effort to stay together balanced...i.e. visits or phone calls are how ever there has to be a certain level of balance...best advice i can offer is that learn how to correctly verbalize things that bother you...if for example your feeling jealous..dont attack but instead take a..this is how i feel approach and be very calm in delivering it...other then that....learn to enjoy phone sex maybe...dont feel like you have to talk everyday but do if you both want to...dont force anything let it come naturally

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Figure out how often you both think is acceptable to visit and talk. Agree to sort of a schedule (obviously, things sometimes come up). If you want to talk at least twice a day and he's fine with every few days, compromise - a quick goodnight call nightly? Plan ahead so that you get cheap airfare. Find what seems reasonable to both of you.


My boyfriend and I talk at least once in the morning and at night before bed. We try to visit every other weekend.

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