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Talking to a new girl


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Well it's been 4 months since my last relationship (It only lasted 3 months). I feel like im completely healed and ready to try to find another woman. I've been talking to a girl on facebook for about 1 1/2 months.


I have kept things very low on the relationship/dating talk because of the fact I wasn't ready and needed to get myself 100% together. I have a way of knowing when im ready to move forward, which is where im at now.


I've talked to her in person only two times, and every 3rd day or so on Facebook for about 1 1/2 months. I finally got the nerve to ask her for her # yesterday, which she gladly gave to me.


So heres the question, how does one start up conversations with someone you've been chatting with on the internet. I've never started talking to someone like this before. Do I bring up things we've talked about in discussions? Or something completely new?


Thanks for the help!

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You can come up with a few things, and imo, if the connection is there, the conversation will flow.


Things like how long she's lived in ur state, where she went to school, her major, how she likes her jobs, her interests, etc.


Just keep asking questions about her, and you'll do fine.


chances are hes probably talked about it .. just try to carry on whatever you were talking about on facebook. as lost mentioned, if there is chemistry everything should take care of itself.

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It's kind of unfortunate that you've talked with her for so long on facebook so you've probably covered alot of topics that would be best discussed in person and you probably feel as if you may run out of things to talk about in person. Your best bet is to elaborate on what you've already talked about on the net as well as think about new things to talk about. Prepare things to talk about before the phone convo or your full in person date so that the convo doesn't run dry. If worse comes to worse bring up things you already discussed and just try to elaborate on them, this is can easily be achieved in person or on the phone as certain things are not as well communicated in messages. Also, maybe get more personal with her and talk about more focused topics.

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