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dont know how to feel....

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i found out today about a girl who died this past weekend, she was hit by a car while crossing the street. i met her a few months ago (we were on an interview together and spent the day together) and she was such a friendly, sweet girl.


i dont know this girl other than that one time we met, but i just feel so sad, and sorry for her family and friends. she clearly made an impact on me as i remember her very distinctly despite only having spent a few hours with her.


i think this is affecting me because we are the same age and doing the same things in our lives... like, what if that were me? one of my friends?


how do you deal with the death of someone you knew on a very superficial level? i feel shaken up and sad about it....


its just weird.....

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I know how you feel. Its just empathy, you can feel what others feel, and you can put yourself in their shoes.


Any death is hard, as we get older we realise we are just mere mortals, flesh and blood, and flesh and blood is destroyed and damaged very easily. Every day hundreds of people die, and we dont hear about them all but each one is sad and disturbing.


You just have to think to yourself, that life goes on even after death, she must have a good life before she died and it is tragic that she did die but her memory and spirit will live on.


It does teach you to just live each day like it's your last and achieve everything you want too.


It is very sad, even if you know them on a superficial level, the fact you met someone that died is scary, because they were there and then they arent.


As a person who hasnt experienced death in my family, I find it hits me hard, like when my cat died, It was just bizarre, I couldnt accept she was gone forever!

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I would deal with it as you would with anyone else's death.


Give yourself time to mourn and think about what you learned from this girl. Always remember to live life to the fullest. Even though you didn't truly know her, you can still remember the way that you think of her.


I'm sorry that you had this lose. It's weird how a person can affect you after a short period of time.

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thanks for the replies, it helps to know that its ok and normal to grieve the loss of somebody i barely knew. i just felt like we were so similar (same age, same career, lived in the same area) and it so easily couldve been me and not her, and i just cant stop thinking about how sad her family and boyfriend and friends are right now.... i think if she and i were less similar it wouldnt be so hard- would i feel this way if she was a bit older? if she were a guy? if she lived in a different part of the country?


to make things a little harder, her story has been all over the news so i keep thinking about it.


she seemed like such a great girl and had a really promising future and i hate how things like this happen in life

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