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Been talking to a girl on Facebook a little bit and she seems like a great girl. I have seen her in person one time and we hit it off pretty well. She is moving back home to go to Optometry school in May. Her home is about 1hr 20minutes from my house.


Im very hesitant to even meet up with her in the fear of having a LDR. Though I think that only being that amount of time away from each other wouldnt be to bad.


Has anyone else had a situation where you were in a relationship/dating someone that lives around 1hr 30mins away?


How are things? In this case, Im sure I would see her at least 2-3 days per week. Never have attemped a LDR but am considering it.

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I had a relationship where she lived a little over an hour away but the advantage I had was that she would commute back and forth to my city every weekday for work. Granted I didn't see her every day that she came into town, we managed to keep separate and healthy lives outside of each other.


I think any relationship can work for as long as BOTH people are willing to compromise.


I would not rule this one out.


Do you both have reliable vehicles? Can you both afford the gas money to commute back and forth?

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